Oh Carol!

OH CAROL is a half hour comedy about the working and personal life of Carol Chong, played by Carol Cheng. Carol works as an accounts director in an advertising firm. Her work is good. Her dating life is smooth. Until one day, her sister absconded to Venice and dumps her whole family on Carol. Now Carol has to take care of a sharp tongued mother, a jovial slacker of a brother, and a niece who keeps waking her up in the middle of the night because her niece has trouble answering nature's call in a strange house. On top of comedic family entanglements, Carol has to contend with a new colleague in her office, Wendy Oh, who is a master of the art of manja, and has the ability to bend the wife phobic boss, under her thumb, and could take over Carol's position if Carol doesn't update herself on the arts of manja. Fortunately she has help in the guise of her best friend, Sam..her flamboyant creative director who has a thing for his thing of beauty, that is, his nose. All in all, a delightful half hour of fun as we see Carol trying valiantly to juggle her family and work.


Cast: Carol Cheng, Kumar, Karen Lim, Darren Seah, Subin Subiah, Adelina Ong, Reann Heng

Episodes: 13 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2003