Oppa, Saranghae! 欧巴,我爱你!

Episodic Information


When TV character, Do Seo Joon, from the Korean drama "My Venus Boyfriend", is pulled out from the TV screen by bachelorette Qi Qi, he completely changes her life.  In real life, Korean actor Cha Tae Woo is an arrogant star, while the character, Seo Joon is a sunny and warm guy. When reality and fantasy gradually begin to blur, the troubled Qi Qi has to choose between the truth or her own truth...

Cast: Rui En, Kimkim, Tasha Low, Macy, Lim Hong Ting Quintus, Lin Ru Ping, Maxi Lim


Episodes: 13 x 60 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2023