Patisserie Fighting 我的甜蜜革命

Episodic Information

Yu Tin (Kit Chan) hands in her resignation letter to pursue her dream of becoming a patissier. She quickly discovers that running a business and baking is no easy feat and feels demoralized. During one gathering, she is impressed by a simple-looking yet refreshingly tasty pastry. She is determined to track down the baker and is surprised to find out that he is a young man by the name Hsiao D (Chris Lee). He came to Singapore from Taiwan with a covert mission. Yu Tin asks Hsiao D if he could reveal the ingredients he used in the secret pastry and also accept her as his apprentice. Hsiao D dismisses Yu Tin but eventually relents as he sees the admirable determination in her, but Yu Tin has to undergo a series of challenges to prove her worth. From bickering foes to close friends who share a tacit love in pastries, the duo embraces their differences and the joys and trials of life’s experiences.“Patisserie Fighting!” - a multi-layered and heartwarming comedy with captivating visuals of sweet treats.

Awards & Accolades 

Asian Television Awards 2017 : Best Digital Fiction and Non-Fiction Programme/Series award

Cast: Kit Chan, Chris Lee, Joshua Tan

Episodes: 8 x 15 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2017