Peace & Prosperity 富贵平安

“Prosperity Hall” is a Chinese medical hall located at a corner of a HDB flat serving residents of different backgrounds and ethnic groups in the neighbourhood. “Prosperity Hall” was first founded by Huang Da Tong’s (Zhang Wei) father. Da Tong is semi-retired and his daughter-in-law Shen Ping An (Xiang Yun) takes care of the everyday operations of “Prosperity Hall”. Ping An’s husband passed away at a very young age and she has to shoulder both the medical hall and bringing up her six children.

Ping An is not only busy with “Prosperity Hall” but is also concerned about her six daughters. In addition, Hong Ying Xiong (Desmond Tan) appears in the sisters’ lives and becomes Da Tong’s disciple. However, Ying Xiong’s sudden appearance at “Prosperity Hall” raises questions; is he here to learn more about traditional Chinese medicine or does he harbours an ulterior motive?

Cast: Xiang Yun, Desmond Tan, Tong Bing Yu, Julie Tan

Episodes: 170 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2015