Point of Entry 入境点

Point of Entry is an action drama about an elite team of ICA special agents, and their fight to keep Singapore’s borders safe from smuggling and illegal immigration by land, sea and air. This action-packed series explore both the motivations of the team, and the personal desperation of the offenders. Each episode is inspired by an exciting real-life case, and the valiant efforts of the ICA to protect the integrity of Singapore’s borders from those who would desecrate them. Team: Epsilon is the ICA’s special operations team, consisting of officer-scholar Glenn, military sharpshooter Vivian, parkour specialist Dynesh, computer genius Norah, and veteran operative Cheong. Little do they know, that the seemingly unconnected border crimes are actually the handiwork of a deadly syndicate.


Cast: Devarajan Varadarajan, Fadhilah Samsudin, Bernard Tan, Jaymee Ong, Darryl Yong, Liv Lo, Jack Yang, Carl Ng, Pamelyn Chee, Jourdan Lee, Jade Seah, Ya HuiDesmond Tan

Episodes: 14 x 60 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2013