Police and Thief

Imagine this. You’re a policeman. Hardworking, highly motivated, and a good father to your two young sons. You’re looking for a nice neighborhood. Close to a good school. Above all, a clean, decent place with cheerful, civilized neighbors. After many years of search, you finally found the perfect place. Life flows along like a country song – simple and uncluttered. Till one morning when you’re jerked awake, from your sweet slumber by… The CROWING of a ROOSTER.. You realize it’s your new neighbor’s pet. And who’s your new neighbor? HE IS A GANGSTER…who owns a rooster that can pick 4D. You warn your boys to avoid the rude man and to never ever play with the two kids next door. But to your dismay, your two sons end up playing with the two kids next door. Don't miss Mark Lee doing what he does best - acting cocky and crazy as Gangster-turned-stylist Lee Tok Kong, and Suhaimi Yusof as the law-enforcing Sergeant Dollah!

Cast: Mark Lee, Suhaimi Yusof, Margaret Lee, Glenn Wong, Ang Ching Hui, Md Hafiz Md Nasi, Noriff Danial Ashriq

Episodes: 13 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2009