P.S… I Luv U 天……使我爱你

Xin and Xiaoyue first meet at their university's orientation. Both fall for each other at first sight. One of the games played during orientation arranged Xin to be Xiaoyue's guardian angel, and thus has an excuse to watch over her with every possible ounce of care and concern. Xin plans to express his feelings to Xiaoyue by preparing a small note from the "Guardian Angel" game, but the note that Xin has prepared for Xiaoyue remains undelivered. Years later, Xiaoyue is now a well-known jewellery designer. She moves into a condominium only to discover that the place has also been leased to a playboy named Feng. Both parties refuse to give way. At this point, Yan appears and claims he is here to handle tenancy and rental problems. With his gift of the gab, he manages to convince the two to come to a compromise and live together as flatmates. Gradually, Xiaoyue finds it strange that Yan seems to turn up in the weirdest situations in time to make things better between Feng and herself. And she finds herself developing a liking for Yan and feels a peculiar familiarity about Yan's caring ways. The two bickering flatmates eventually become lovers, under the subtle guidance and arrangement from Yan. After that, Yan disappears suddenly. Xiaoyue feels emptiness in her heart, a feeling she finds strangely familiar. She chances upon a little piece of paper in Yan's bag, written by Xin "I will be your guardian angel forever". At last, Xiaoyue realises that Yan is in fact...

Cast: Roy Chiu, Tammy Chen, Qi Yu Wu, Fiona Xie, Kym Ng, Gurmit Singh

Episodes: 1 x 90 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2006