Raffles Revealed

Raffles Revealed is an insightful documentary series that will look closely into the life of our founding father, Sir Stanford Raffles. The series will be filled with adventures, suspense and tragic stories. Presenter Dr Julian Davison follows his footsteps around the world- from social climbing clerk in London to ambitious official in Penang and all-powerful governor of Java. We travel along the cobbled streets of London, the windswept mountains of Scotland, the steamy jungles of Sumatra, the sprawling temples of Java and the faded colonial glory of Penang. In Singapore we discover how Raffles used his cunning ways to establish a trading settlement, and his explosive fallout with old friend Major William Farquhar. Dr Julian hunts down long-lost documents to unravel the real Raffles – the man behind the legend. This series features rare archive materials, on-location filming at iconic world landmarks, and interviews with leading international experts. For the very first time on television we uncover Raffles’ stunning triumphs, dark deeds, romances, tragedies, failures and glories. Hero or villain? Dr Julian reveals all.


Host: Julian Davison

Episodes: 2 x 60 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2015