Recipe of Life 味之道

Episodic Information


Renowned chef Qin Fen (Zhu Houren) came to Singapore with his father when he was young to escape the war in his home country. Father and son started their restaurant "Wu Shuang Lou" after much struggles and was renowned for their "Wu Shang Banquet". Qin fen took in four disciples, Nan Hua (Brandon Wong), Xi Hong (Chen Liping), Dong Bai (Richard Low), Bei Fa (Chen Hanwei), and they received different secret recipes from him individually.

Nan Hua became the most successful among the disciples. However, he went into a coma due to an accident and his wife Chen Hui Ying (Huang Biren) took over his restaurant “Hua Hua Shi Jie”. After much rivalry between his sons Qian Ruo Wei (Cavin Soh) and Qian Ruo Feng (Shaun Chen), the later finally took the top post of CEO.

Ruo Feng dreams of restoring the legendary “Wu Shuang Banquet” and wants to seek the help of Xi Hong, Dong Bai and Bei Fa. However, the estranged disciples do not want anything to do with each other. Will Ruo Feng be able to realise his dreams? How much must they go through before they could genuinely appreciate Qin Fen’s culinary motto; “Only with a true heart, will you be able to cook the best taste ever – the taste of humanity”.

Cast: Chen Li Ping, Huang Biren, Chen Han Wei, Shaun Chen, Carrie Wong, Ayden Sng, Fang Rong, Cavin Soh, Kayly Loh, Richard Low, Brandon Wong, Zhu Hou Ren, Hong Hui Fang, Michelle Wong

Episodes: 132 x 30 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2020