Rice Is Life 米饭生活

For more than 3 billion people – or half of humanity – rice is life. It is the one grain that has stood out above others like wheat and maize to become the staple of the east. For many, rice is not just something they eat everyday; it is also the root of civilisation. After all, as we shall see, rice is the one grain, one grass, that has stood out above all other grains, all other grasses, to become the staple of Asia. For most Asians, rice sustains life and their way of life. And rice, in the end, is life itself. “Rice Is Life” is a series of 8 documentaries that showcases the importance of rice in Asia. We will see how the crop first appeared in this part of the world; we will see how and where certain well-known rice dishes like dumplings and sushi got their roots. Even though it may taste and feel different in different regions, it is nonetheless embedded in folklore and legends of the people. The series will examine how certain ageless festivals, rituals and beliefs that are based on rice are still practised today. “Rice Is Life” is the series that will tell you all the stories surrounding the one grain that is truly the essential harvest.


Episodes: 8 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2009