Saga 2.0

SAGA 2.0 is a mini-series drama of 4 episodes portraying Zack who faces a relationship problem with his dad, Borhan, a silat master. The tie gets worsened when Borhan finds out that Zack is involve in MMA. Unfortunately, both son and dad are unaware of their real enemies who are Zack’s trusted friend, Ryan and Borhan’s loyal disciple, Farouk. The conflicts heightened when Ryan and Farouk manage to manipulate them. Fortunately, Zack’s girlfriend, Sofea reveals the truth. 

Awards and Accolades: 

New York Festival TV and Films 2021 -

Best Direction (Win-Bronze)

Cast: Imam Shah, Jeff Catz, Hasnul Rahmat, Hannah Delisha, Shah Iskandar

Episodes: 4 x 60 mins

Languages: Malay

Production year: 2020