Silver Lining

Retired botanist Peter Gan (Richard Ng) moved in with his son, Mark (Chua En Lai), after his wife passed away. But he had a rude shock when he realises that he has to take on the task of caring for his only grandson Joshua, as Mark and his wife, Penelope (Elaine Daly), are both workaholics. What shocks him further is that Penelope’s father, the flamboyant but bankrupt Tony Gomez (Indy Nadarajah), also moved in with them as he has no where else to go. Together, the squabbling pair has to navigate the ups of downs of bringing up their grandson and also their own twilight years. This light-hearted dramedy celebrates life’s sunset years, an empowering and rewarding phase of life, with a dose of humour.


Cast: Richard Ng, Chua En Lai, Elaine Daly, Indy Nadarajah, Daisy Irani

Episodes: 13 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2010