Soup of Life 砂煲肉骨茶

Set against a bustling local coffeeshop, this drama series regales with the lively tales of its varied characters. The lead is Ah Yuan (Yao Wenlong), an ex-gangster who turns over a new leaf to helm a pork bone soup stall with the help of his buddy Ah Hai (Terence Cao). Their friendship remains solid, despite the hurdles thrown their way in the form of manipulative hoodlum Hei Ge and the reappearance of Ah Hai’s previous gangster boss, Long Ge.This plot tugs at heartstrings with its realistic interpretation of married life – Lin Fang (Ann Kok), a duck rice seller, is a sacrificial wife who is constantly abused by her philandering husband, Mark (Steve). The hussy in this case is Amy (Lu Yi), a bartender, who sows discord between the married couple. Combining elements of danger, deceit and crime, this story also unravels the importance of good food, true love, hope and friendship.


Cast: Ann Kok, Terence Cao, Yao Wen Long, Zhou Ying, Belinda Lee, Lin Mei Jiao, Jerry Yeo, Nat Ho

Episodes: 25 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2013