Spice Up 幸福料理

Yu Nan (Jeanette Aw) has a sensitive taste bud that is able to discern ingredients in a dish easily, in addition to being talented in cooking. She has never helped out at Charlie’s Angel, a western restaurant owns by her family, as she was spoilt by her Grandmother, Lin Mei Jiao (Yu Sha-Li). Unfortunately, Charlie’s Angel meets with a major crisis as Yu Nan’s Father, Howard (Henry Heng), passed away. Howard was the only one who knows the ingredients used in Charlie’s Angel well-known Salad Dressing. Fortunately, Yu Nan is a talented cook and uses her sensitive taste bud, she managed to distinguish the ingredients used in the Salad Dressing. Lisa (Sora Ma) always look for Yu Nan when she has troubles, especially when she has disputes with her boyfriend, Mike (Huang Qi Ming). Yet Lisa had no idea that Yu Nan likes Mike too. Lisa’s mum, Li Mu Yin (Han Yi Ting) was afraid that Mike might betray Lisa like her husband, Wang Guo Dong (Jordan), therefore making things difficult for him. Mike’ Dad, Ca Shi (Chen Shu Cheng) have the same worries too as his wife left him after the birth of Mike. Gao Ming Jun (Patrick Lee) was threatened by Danger to infiltrate Charlie’s Angel and steal the recipe of the Salad Dressing. As fate will have it, Ming Jun and Yu Nan fall in love with each other….


Cast: Jeanette Aw, Sora Ma, Patrick Lee, Huang Qi Ming, Yu Sha-Li, Hong Hui Fang, Han Yi Ting, Jordan Fredrick, Chen Shu Cheng

Episodes: 25 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2014