Star Chef 至尊厨王

This is a cooking competition that will help propel the status of a novice chef into a Star Chef overnight! Designed to allow novices to train under pressure and with the best, the winner of the competition will not only display their skills on tv, but also win instant fame when crowned Star Chef! Auditions will be held to select 12 finalists before actual competition commences. Over a period of 13 weeks, these 12 competitors will have to cook up a feast of a different theme to win over judges. A resident celebrity chef will lead a panel of renowned chefs in the judging, the lowest scorer of the week will be asked to leave the contest. The programme will follow the trial and tribulations of each competitor. The judges will also take the opportunity to observe each one of them and impart their skills in the process. The themes of each week can range from a given budget, food type, specific ingredient to presentation style. It will test the skills, adaptability, and creativity of the contestants. This programme will also give a peek into world of the professional kitchen, revealing the hard work that goes behind each dish before it reaches the dining table. This is definitely a treat to the eye for all food lovers out there.


Host: Quan Yi Fong, Sam Leong

Episodes: 13 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2016