Sudden 骤变

A tragic accident violently rocks the lives of four lawyers – Fang Qi Liang (Romeo Tan), Cheng Chu Ning (Rui En), Guo Wei Qian (Rebecca Lim) and Sun Da Lun (Zhang Zhen Huan) – and they find their destinies intertwining in a way that none of them can ever imagine. When Qi Liang and Chu Ning coincidentally meet in an overseas café, they are inexplicably attracted to each other and make a vow to always be together. Sadly, their relationship starts to crumble when the accident robs Qi Liang of his mobility. This causes their romance to be marred by disappointments and misunderstandings. Meanwhile, Gao Wei Qian’s father is fatally injured in the same accident. He manages to convey his last words to her with the help of Sun Da Lun, who happened to be in the vicinity of the accident. As a result, Da Lun missed the opportunity of a promising career at a law firm and become Chu Ning’s assistant instead. Bound together by the same unfortunate circumstances, Wei Qian wavers between love and hate while Da Lun eventually realises that he is able to give up everything for Wei Qian’s sake.

Cast: Rui En, Romeo Tan, Rebecca Lim, Zhang Zhen Huan, Ian Fang,Sora Ma, Yuan Shuai, Constance Song, Guo Liang

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2013