Super Dad 男神不败

Episodic Information

Xu Wei Hao (Thomas Ong) and Li Zheng Yi (Jeremy Chan) are neighbours who share one thing in common, both men are looked down upon by their wives and children. They receive a mysterious box of chocolates one day, thinking it was a mistake by the post office, Wei Hao and Zheng Yi each took a piece of the chocolate.

Zheng Yi, once a cowardly policeman, suddenly possesses superb ability in solving a crime. While Wei Hao regains the respect of his daughter by saving her when she fell from a building. Chen Kai (Chen Han Wei), the ex-husband of Zheng Yi’s wife, was released from jail and tries to seek forgiveness. Seeing his sincerity in turning over a new leaf, Zheng Yi took him in. He accidentally took a piece of the chocolate and discovers its super power.

The trio starts to rely on the chocolate every time they needed its super power to solve problems, making them the Super Dad in their children’s eyes. One day, the three fathers see their own children in danger, but there is only one piece of chocolate left. Will they fight to see who gets the last piece of chocolate or will they count on their own will to save their children?

Cast: Chen Han Wei, Thomas Ong, Jeremy Chan, Paige Chua, Shane Pow, Bonnie Loo

Episodes: 25 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2020