Super Senior 长辈甜心

Zhu Xiang Dong (Zhu Hou Ren) owns a bakery and leads a life of material comfort. He is married to Yu Fang (Xiang Yun) for years but they remain childless. Yu Fang knows that her husband is a womanizer but she condones his philandering ways. One day, she finds out that Xiang Dong has impregnated one of his staff. Yu Fang wants the child to have a complete family and decides to file for divorce. She later falls for Xiang Dong’s cousin Wang Da Li ( Wang Yu Qing).Hong Cai Yun (Hong Hui Fang) leads a happy life with her loving husband. However, good times do not last and her husband suddenly passes away in his sleep. This comes as a huge emotional blow to Cai Yun as her pillar of support vanishes overnight. Liu Fu Gui (Richard Low) is a gambler who has no goals in life. However, all that changes when he reunites with his daughter. Chen Ya Lai (Chen Shu Cheng) works as a security guard at the condominium where Xiang Dong resides. Ya Lai pulls a tight rein over the lives of his children. As time passes by, he drifts apart from his children and has no one to talk to. Jin Hui Xi (Jin Yin Ji) is a cheerful woman who teaches Korean dance at the community centre. However, beneath Hui Xi’s cheerful demeanor lies a hidden grief. Her son, Guan Qi Ming (Yao Wen Long), treads on the wrong path and is imprisoned for committing various crimes. Seeing how her beloved son ruins his own life, Hui Xi hopes that he will mend his ways. The seniors know that they are no longer young and hope to spend their remaining days meaningfully. In the end, they decide to go for a diving trip to escape from harsh realities of life and also to challenge their limits.

Cast: Zhu Hou Ren, Xiang Yun, Wang Yu Qing, Hong Hui Fang, Richard Low, Henry Thia, Chen Shu Cheng, Jin Yin Ji, Yao Wen Long, Aloysius Pang, Jayley Woo

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2015