Superband 非常 SuperBand

Season 1

It will be a competition where the Superband is not just chosen by professional judges, but also by viewers through SMS voting, and this will be a test of both the band’s performance and ability to draw crowds. For each round of the competition, bands face the fate of being ousted if they fail to impress the judges and the viewers. Audiences attending the ‘live’ performance can get up-close and personal with their favourite groups as mosh pits will be created around the stage for standing fans, in a true blue rock concert fashion. Watch how the bands progress and improve their craft as they go through each round of competition, pitting their skills against other bands to be become the one and only Superband!

Season 2

The second season of SuperBand is making a big bang back. The talent search programme which launched MiLu Bing’s career has invited top Taiwanese band MayDay as its ambassador for its second season. This year, groups can choose to participate in either of the two categories – Instrumental Band and Singing Group and the Ultimate winning group will bring home a whopping $50,000 cash prize!


Host: Belinda Lee, Jeff Wang, Milk (Season 1), Dasmond Koh, Lin Pei Fen (Season 2)

Episodes: 17 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2008