In this second season of Tanglin, Michael (Eden Ang) and Eddie (Charlie Goh) will be enlisting into the army, and Vanessa (Rosalind Pho) moves in with the Tongs on Li Yan’s (Wee Soon Hui) request so that she can be looked after. But this causes a rift between Ben (Darryl Yong) and Gina (Sliver Ang) as Vanessa drops hint that the baby could be Ben’s. Adam (Adam Chen) restarts his MMA gym with Wafiq (Hatta Said) on board, however both men had a clash of ideas on how the gym should be managed. Norleena and Sulaiman’s baby, Rayyan, finally arrives, but Norleena is anxious of the possibility of her baby having NF1, a genetic disorder that Sulaiman’s biological father has. Arjun (James Kumar) and Diana (Jae Liew) breaks up, and Arjun buries himself with work and clashes with his new lady boss. While Jun Kai (Nat Ho) is now engaged to Sheila (Jade Rasif), and the latter is doing all she can to put out any remnant feelings between Jun Kai and Diana.

Awards and Accolade: 

Asian Academy Creative Awards 2018- 

Best Telenovela/Soap- Finalist (National Winner)

Cast: Wee Soon Hui, Laurence Pang, Adam Chen, Constance Song, Richard Low, Nat Ho, Jae Liew, James Kumar, Mathialagan, Yuvina Malathi, Mastura, Siti Elfeaza, Fauzie Laily, Nur Syirah, Eswari Gunasagar, Eden Ang, Charlie Goh, Darryl Yong, Rosalind Pho, Sliver Ang, Hatta Said, Jade Rasif, Alan Wong 

Episodes: 237 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2018