Thailand's Unlikely Scrabble Rebels

Episodic Information


Scrabble, an English language game, is extraordinarily popular in Thailand, where thousands compete in the world’s largest event despite not speaking the language and colleges offer quotas to the best players from the poorest backgrounds.

This film follows three young Thais of differing levels but on the same journey through education, powered by a love of the board game. It’s Oum’s only ticket from rural poverty into college. Aoo is determined to become a world champion while Bank grabs every opportunity he can, to overcome a serious disability.

From rural Thai school halls to ballrooms in Baltimore, US, these teens are in the competition of their life, memorising thousands of words of a language they cannot speak. Through joy, tears, victory and defeat, this film dives into the unique sub-culture of Thai Scrabble that has already produced several world champions.

Words mean FREEDOM to these unlikely teen rebels and they are determined to use them to unlock their future.


Episode: 1 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2023