The Driver 伺机

Episodic Information

Jianyi (Kaiser Chuang) was a mob enforcer for a notorious underworld gang in Japan. He decided to leave the organization for the sake of his family, but that led to the killing of his wife and unborn child. He took revenge and killed the leader of the gang right in front of his young daughter.

To escape his past, Jianyi changed his face and assumed a new identity. He fled to Singapore to start a new life as a driver, and unwittingly becomes a vigilante-samaritan who helps those in trouble when the law couldn’t. Just as he thinks this is his path to redemption, he meets Zi Xin (Jesseca Liu), who looks exactly like his dead wife. With the mysterious appearance of Zi Xin, his past deeds soon catches up with him again, re-opening his age-old wounds. Who exactly is Zi Xin and how is she connected to his past? Jianyi realises that no matter how hard he tries to run, he simply cannot outrun his past…  

Awards and Accolades:  

New York Festivals TV & Film Awards 2020 - 

Craft: Program - Best Camerawork (Finalist) 

Entertainment Special - Mini-Series (Finalist) 

Entertainment Program - Drama (Finalist) 

Craft: Program - Best Performance by an Actress (Finalist)

Asian Academy Creative Awards National Winners 2020 -

Best Actor In a Supporting Role: Fabian Loo

Best Original Programme By a Streamer/OTT

Best Promo or Trailer

Best Sound: Soo Yuen Yiet

Cast:  Kaiser Chuang, Jesseca Liu, Sunny Pang, Ruby Yap, Fabian Loo, Wang Yu Qing

Episode: 11 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2019