The Good Fight 致胜出击

Episodic Information

K.O. Martial Arts School, helmed by Master Yan Dong Shan (Chen Tian Wen), was the top mixed martial arts training school that represented the country in international competitions. He gave the school up after his son, the talented Yan Yi Feng (Edwin Goh), died during a competition.

12 years later, Yi Feng’s past opponent returns to challenge the school and Master Yan suffered a humiliating defeat which went viral on social media. His daughter, Yi Chen (Rebecca Lim), and disciples Zheng Bin (Andie Chen) and Shu Ya (Paige Chua) decide to take things into their hands and revive the school. Elaine (Tay Ying), the daughter of K.O.’s arch rival Master Simon Leong (Calvin Soh), sees the camaraderie of the three and decides to join them in their quest. Shu Ya’s brother, Wen Kai (Zong Zijie), also joins the team despite her strong opposition.

Can these young and restless fighters rise above themselves and bring the school back to its former glory? Meanwhile, Master Yan finds an old diary of Yi Feng and discovers the real reason behind his death…

Cast: Rebecca Lim, Andie Chen, Paige Chua, Edwin Goh, Zong Zijie, Tay Ying, Chen Tian Wen, Cavin Soh, Vivian Lai

Episode: 20 x 60 mins 

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2019