The Joy Truck 快乐速递

The program will integrate various media platforms to allow audiences from any age groups to have different level of involvement. Youth can download and play specially designed game apps and sponsors will donate when certain targets are met. A beneficiary (organization/family/individual) will be identified every week. The beneficiary will be introduced and their needs will be highlighted at the beginning of the program? After understanding the background of the beneficiary, the host and the ambassador will propose a mission that is able to fulfill the needs of the beneficiary, for example, to paint the house, organize an outing or prepare a sumptuous meal. The Joy Truck will then depart with the host, the ambassador and volunteers to execute the plan. The Joy Truck is able to transform to meet the different needs to carry out various missions, for example a fun-fair truck for a carnival, a mobile fast food truck for charity bazaar etc.

Host: Pornsak 

Episodes: 10 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2015