The Lead 第一主角

Ah Zhen (Rebecca Lim) and her childhood friends Xie Guang Hui (Shaun Chen), Fang An Ya (Julie Tan), and Hong De Ping (Andie Chen) dream of becoming a tv star. After their graduation, they joined the acting class organized by the tv station and everyone became a full-time artiste except Ah Zhen. After many unsuccessful attempts, Ah Zhen finally came to terms that she is not cut out to be an actress and decides to work behind the scenes. As the unforgiving entertainment industry evolves, so did their lives. Guang Hui is addicted to alcohol and gambling. An Ya goes overseas to further her career, but news of her plastic surgery destroys her public image. De Ping is fired by the tv station because of his many scandals. Their friendship soured and all went their separate ways. Only Ah Zhen still treasures the friendship and tries her best to salvage it. Will the four friends be able to overcome their personal problems and reconcile with each other?

Cast: Rebecca Lim, Shaun Chen, Andie Chen, Julie Tan

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2017