The Longest Day

Episodic Information

Climate change is more than a set of abstract projections and statistics. It is the daily reality for millions of people in Asia’s cities, villages and coasts. Witness how people on the frontlines of climate crisis confront the many challenges as it unfolds over 24 hours.
We follow these people as they deal with water shortage in the Mekong Delta and Jakarta, what coastal communities in Indonesia's Sumba island and the Sundarbans are doing as they face rapidly rising sea levels, the farmers in Vietnam looking for solutions to unprecedented long droughts, and families struggling with extreme heatwaves in Delhi's slums.
The Longest Day is a snapshot of Asia today - told through the voices of farmers, health workers, city residents and displaced families. By emphasising on-the-ground responses to complex challenges, the series is an empowering and relatable portrait of a diverse and resilient region.

Awards and Accolades : 

World Media Festival 2021 -

Documentaries: Climate

New York Festivals TV and Films Awards 2021 -

Climate Change & Sustainability (Finalist)

Episodes: 4 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2020