The Maid 女佣

During the Chinese Seventh Month, the gates of hell open, and spirits are set loose upon the unsuspecting world. 18-year-old Rosa Dimaano arrives in Singapore on the first day of the Seventh Month to work as a domestic maid for her employers, Mr. and Mrs. Teo, and their mentally disabled son Ah Soon is fond of Rosa immediately. Rosa starts having vivid nightmares and glimpses of strange apparitions at night while working between the house and the Teos’ Teochew opera stage. Things begin going amiss as she soon finds out that there was a maid who worked for the Teos two years before named Esther. Esther was very much liked by Ah Soon as she does, and that is when Rosa begins to suspect that things are not as simple as it seems…This shocking tale of a culture that is unique to South East Asia is directed by Singapore’s most prolific filmmaker Kelvin Tong.

Cast: Alessandra de Rossi, Hong Hui Fang, Benny Soh, Chen Shu Cheng

Director: Kelvin Tong

Duration: 93 mins

Languages: Chinese