The War Comes Home

Episodic Information


We film with US army veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq as they unpack the War on Terror. We also investigate why after trillions of dollars spent on the war; the US government is signing a deal with the Taliban. What caused this military stalemate? The hasty withdrawal has left a poorly trained Afghan Army incapable to fight the Taliban, who now control vast swathes of Afghanistan. A wave of disappointment has swept across 800,000 Americans who served in these unwinnable wars since 2001. Countless American veterans now battle against the physical and mental scars of these wars on their own. This lack of support has translated into suspicion and hatred for their own government, leading to January 6th Insurrection Day riots. Why are veterans joining white militias resulting in the FBI declaring them the biggest threat facing the United States today? We find out if America’s global wars have radicalized its own military men who are now bringing the war back home.

Episode: 1 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2021