The 4 Chef 四大名厨

“The 4 Chefs” is a fun and interactive food variety show. The program invites four local celebrity chefs to prepare a variety of cuisine for weekly special guest. They will have to go through different challenges in order to obtain culinary tips and ingredients for tonight’s meal. Through the chefs, audiences can learn various cooking technique which will be applicable in their daily lives. These four local celebrity chefs are Chef Eric Teo who is known as the witty one, Chef Heman who is known as the earnest one, Chef Pung Lu Tin who is known as the knowledgeable one and Chef Charlie Tham who is the affectionate one. These friendly chefs will entertain audiences with their jokes and laughter. On the other hand, this program also invites popular celebrities who have been away from the spotlight. These artists include; Liu Ling Ling, Zoe Tay, Hugo Ng and Chua En Lai.


Host: Quan Yi Fong , Lee Teng

Episodes: 13 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2016