The Dream Makers 志在四方

The Dream Makers story continues and it has been three years since Zhou Wei Yun (Zoe Tay) was transferred from the Variety department to the Drama department as VP. Her bosses decide to hire two new VPs Lin Tao (Li Nan Xing) and Guan Xie En (Huang Bi Ren). Their work performances greatly outshine Wei Yun’s, causing her to feel threatened. However, she slowly becomes good friends with Xie En as they share about their family troubles. Lin Tao is ambitious and will risk anything to achieve his goals. During an incident, he makes a rash move and suffers the consequences. Zhao Fei Er (Jeanette Aw) is the reigning queen of the tv station, but she is envious of her good friend, Fang Tong Lin’s (Rui En) career and love life. Moreover, she has not gotten over her ex-boyfriend, Jason Lam (Qi Yu Wu), who is now Tong Lin’s boyfriend. Fei Er’s half-sister, Dong Zi Huai (Julie Tan), returns to Singapore and is jealous of Fei Er’s success. She deliberately sows discord between Tong Lin and Jason, making Fei Er out to be the third party. Tong Lin breaks off her engagement with Jason while Fei Er’s career took a dive. How will each of these characters cope with the challenges of their career, love life and family? How will they survive in the exciting and yet unforgiving entertainment industry?

Cast: Zoe Tay, Li Nan Xing, Huang Bi Ren, Jeanette Aw, Rui En, Qi Yu Wu, Romeo Tan, Julie Tan, Zhang Zhen Huan, Ian Fang, Edwin Goh, Chen Mei Feng, Damian Lau, Chen Li Ping, Desmond Tan, Shaun Chen, Rebecca Lim

Episodes: 32 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2015