The Enchanted 浴女图

Residing deep within every woman’s heart is a desire. Qian Jia Yi (Yan Yee), a rich man’s daughter, returns from overseas studies and organises a trip with her old classmates, Qi Ming Xing (Akit Tay), Bai Xue Na (Tracy Lee), Chen Jing Li (Paige Chua) and Liang Lu Lu (Ya Hui). Jia Yi wishes that her fiancé, Jia Hong (Desmond Tan), will love her forever as she is preparing to marry him. Ming Xing wishes for good health as her mother is in a vegetative state. Xue Na wishes for a happy family with her husband Yong Cheng (Adam Chen). Jing Li wishes for true love, having just broken up. Lu Lu lives a life of leisure and wishes for fame and fortune. The five women chance upon a famous artist who paints a masterpiece of them, “Beauties in Bath”. What meaning does the painting have for the five women? Can their friendship stay strong and robust in the midst of their conflicting innermost desires?


Cast: Chen Han Wei, Paige Chua, Moo Yan Yee, Ya Hui, Akit Tay, Tracy Lee, Desmond TanAileen Tan, Adam Chen

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2013