The In-laws 麻婆斗妇

Lin Bao Zhu (Louise Lee) lost her husband at a young age, forcing her to shoulder the responsibility of running a food stall left behind by her husband, and raising her two sons Jian Ye (Darren Lim) and Jian Hai (Pierre Png). Under the strict control of her mother-in-law Xiang Qin (Jin Yin Ji), not only did Bao Zhu raise her family well, but she also expanded and grew her business into a successful home delivery food service company. Xiang Qin makes Bao Zhu relinquish control of the business when her children grew up. Bao Zhu is happy that she can retire and swear not to meddle in her children’s life as Xiang Qin did to her life. However, Bao Zhu turns out to be as manipulative as her mother-in-law, causing unhappiness to her daughters-in-law Jia Zhen (Rui En) and Qiu Hua (Cynthia Koh), and putting her sons in a spot. Will she realize her mistakes and truly relinquish her control of the family 

Cast: Louise Lee, Rui En, Pierre Png, Darren Lim, Cynthia Koh, Belinda Lee, Apple Hong, Richard Low, Cavin Soh, Terence Cao, May Phua, Jin Yin Ji

Episodes: 35 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2011