The KIWI baker-in Singapore! 新西兰面包师神游全城

Soft, warm and chewy, bread is a staple at breakfast and perhaps even for the rest of our meals. Yet how many of us actually know the different varieties of bread that are available? From your humble toasted bread smeared with kaya to carefully crafted artisan bread, The Kiwi Baker features Dean Brettschneider, a UK-based professional baker who has garnered numerous accolades and published books about his unique baking style! Boasting a multitude of cultures, Singapore is a cultural melting pot where the cuisines of various cultures mingle and overlap, giving rise to a rich food heritage steeped in tradition and customs. Steering clear of modern bakeries, this four-episode series sees Dean scooting around and exploring the old alleys and suburbs of Singapore in his search for traditional bakeries and pastry shops. Catch a whiff of freshly baked bread as Dean invites these traditional bakers and pastry chefs to his kitchen and cooks up his own fusion creation based on ethnic breads and pastries just for you!


Host: Dean Brettschneider

Episode: 4 x 30 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2013