The Oath 行医

Wu Guo En (Christopher Lee) was a top medical student until an incident leads to his expulsion. Dejected, he decides to study traditional Chinese medicine in China and left behind his lawyer girlfriend of many years, Zhi Yi (Ann Kok). Yang Min Fei (Jesseca Liu) is a dedicated surgeon with a bright future, believing that her mother’s death was caused by a Chinese physician’s wrong diagnosis, she detested the practice. When Guo En is invited by his ex-professor to set up a Chinese medical research department in the hospital, he constantly crosses path with Min Fei. Despite their differences in practice, Min Fei begins to see Guo En in a better light and gradually changed her mind about traditional Chinese medicine.Guo En realizes that Zhi Yi has a 6 year-old daughter and suspects he is the father. In the meantime, Min Fei discovers that her mother did not die of a wrong diagnosis but of an incurable disease. Her parents kept her in the dark because it is a hereditary disease and she may not live past 35 year-old…


Cast: Christopher Lee, Jesseca Liu, Zhang Zhen Huan, Kate Pang, Ix Shen

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2011