The Palm of Rulai 如来神掌

Legend has it that there are two formidable and unsurpassable kungfu skills in the world - 'The Palm of Rulai' and the 'Heavenly Foot'. Mastering these two powerful skills makes one invincible. Over the years, the skills are almost forgotten. But now, they resurface in the pugilist world and threaten to wreck havoc as power-hungry pugilists seek to master the skills and to conquer the pugilist world. A young lad of humble origin named Duanfei, is chased out of from his workplace Dragon Inn escort agency when he tries to save an old man. As a result, Duanfei's dream of marrying his junior Mingluan is dashed. Duanfei decides to seek refuge together with the lonely old man he saved 'Fire-Cloud Evil God', who later imparts him with 'The Palm of Rulai'. At the same time, Duanfei gets to know Xuehua who is also facing disappointments in life. Xuehua falls for Duanfei eventually. Duanfei was attacked by Jian Hun and Xuehua takes the fatal blow for him. Before death, a revelation was made to Xuehua, but alas, it came too late. Jian Hu was actually Xuehua's father. Duanfei disappears with Xuehua's corpse. Following the disappearance of Jian Hun and Duanfei, the skills are lost. No one else knows the skills and they remain only as memories!

Cast: Julian Cheung, Chen Long, Zhu Yin, Wu Jia-ne, Sun Xin, Christopher Lee, Phyllis Quek, Gu Bao-ming, Li Li-Qun, Hong Hui Fang, Pan Hong

Episodes: 32 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2005