The Rainbow Connection 舞出彩虹

Six aspiring dance prodigies from the intense dance faculty of Dong Hui Arts Institute are putting up a fierce contention to earn a place in the world-renowned Octoko Dancing Troupe. There’s Yoyo (Jeanette Aw), who’s both sincere and remarkably gifted. Martin (JuLian Hee) is a nifty dancer who hails from a wealthy background. Modest yet always brilliant, Meilu (Rosanne Huang) never fails to dazzle. Jianyi (Angeus Kou) is inhibited but talented while Xiaoqian’ (Chen Jie) is agile as a deer. And lastly, the proud and stalwart Iceman (Chen Baoyuan). As the competition heats up, calamity and strife between the students begin to sow seeds of discord, breaking down once-cherished friendships. Who holds the true spirit that will herald the beginning of a new dance era?

Cast: Jeanette Aw, Julian Hee, Rosanne Huang, Chen Jie, Michelle Yim, Sidney Yim, Angus Guo, Chen Baoyuan

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2005