The Return of Royal Monk 真命小和尚之十二铜人

The story begins with Kaixin as the abbot of Wulong Temple. The disciplinary master Kongli, who thinks highly of himself, feels slighted that a mere child is made the head of the monastery. Kaixin often thinks of Tietong and is surprised to find someone who looks exactly like his late senior. Kongli asks Baida, who is a hopeless gambler, to impersonate Tietong so as to keep Kaixin under his control. Kaixin falls for the sham and believes that Tietong has reincarnated.After succeeding the throne, Shihuangzi indulges in developing the elixir pill and in attaining immortality. Soon state affairs get neglected and the power of the imperial courts is transferred to the royal advisor, Ziwei. The queen, Xiaofeng, finds out about Ziwei’s scheme, she secretly sends her maid out of the palace with a secret letter to summon Kaixin to the capital to protect the emperor.Kaixin rushes to the capital only to find the emperor is addicted to drugs and is under Ziwei’s control. Ziwei organizes a meeting in order to manipulate the pugilistic world. Kaixin turns up to expose Ziwei’s true colors but the evil Ziwei causes Kaixin and the prince to fall into the mysterious “Ghost Valley”. Kaixin manage to survive the fall and there he meets the weird characters like “Crazy Dog”, “Hungry Wolf”, “Jialiangzhong”, “Ghost Granny” and the former Abbot of the Wulong Temple, Yuanhui, who has been missing for twenty years… 

Cast: Chen Tian Wen, Lin Yisheng, Cao Jun, Xiang Yun, Li Zhizhou, Pei Xiaoling

Episodes: 22 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 1998