The Tax Files 流金税月

Anti-tax evasion officers take centrestage in this drama serial which unveils the perplexities behind a string of fraudulent tax files. Tax evasion cases were exposed as a result of the integrity and intelligence of two lady officers (played by Wu Chien Lien and Ann Kok). Complexities in solving the cases were further aggravated when it involves the officer’s lover. Other interesting issues such as values and attitudes of today’s woman towards love were also depicted through the lives of the two tax officers and their gym instructress housemate (played by May Chua). The ensemble cast includes top Asian actress Wu Chien Lien, Star Awards Best Actor Xie Shao Guang and TCS actress-singer Ann Kok.

Cast: Wu Chien Lien, Xie Shao Guang, Ann Kok, May Phua, Rayson Tan, Chunyu Shanshan

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2000