The Ultimatum 双子星

Zheng Wen Yu (Hong Hui Fang) was pregnant when she was taken advantage of by her boss Ye Song Nian (Chen Shu Cheng), the CEO of Phoenix Corporation. Both Wen Yu and Song Nian’s wife gave birth to daughters in the same hospital. As fate will have it, the hospital made a mistake and swapped the babies. Because Wen Yu’s daughter was diagnosed with congenital heart disease, she kept silent about the mistake so that her daughter can receive the best medical care with Song Nian’s wealth. Song Nian’s daughter, Song Qiao (Fann Wong) grew up in the shadow of Wen Yu’s hatred and has to endure both verbal and physical abuse. She eventually becomes a lawyer and fights for the rights of the weak. On the other hand, Wen Yu’s daughter Yu Chen (Zoe Tay) grew up in the hostile and competitive household of the Ye, and gets embroiled in the struggle for power. As the secret of the past catches up with them, the stage is set for vengeance and destruction 

Cast: Zoe Tay, Li Nan Xing, Fann Wong, Tay Ping Hui, Chen Shu Cheng, Hong Hui Fang, Felicia Chin, Elvin Ng, Terence Cao, Lin Mei Jiao

Episodes: 30 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2009