This Land Is Mine

This Land Is Mine


Singapore returned to British rule after four years of Japanese Occupation, but the lives of its inhabitants are thrown into upheaval. In times of turbulence, some will prevail but some may not.

The British returned to the island of Singapore in 1945 after the Japanese surrendered. Life, however, did not return to the way it was before the war. It was a time of massive unemployment, food scarcity and unsafe streets, Singapore has much to rebuild, both physically and spiritually. A young lawyer returned after years abroad in England. His first case, to defend a Kempeitai (Japanese Military Police) torturer put on trial by the British. With everyone around him still reeling from the trauma of the Japanese occupation, is he prepared for the obstacles and threats he will face for taking up the case?

Cast: Rebecca Lim, Pierre Png, Tan Rui Shan, Jasmi Ahmad, Remesh Panicker, Shona Benson, Shrey Bhargava, Nicholas Lim, Timothy Nga, Shabir, Sora Ma, Charlie Goh, Syah Riszuan, Matt Grey, Noorlinah Mohamed, Andrew Mowatt, Elly Gaskell, Sugie Phua, Harikrishnan, Emil Marwa

Episodes: 15 x 60 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2021