Tiger Mum 虎妈来了

He Xuemei ( Huang Bi Ren) is a senior prison officer. As she is known for her stern demeanor and authoritative manner, the prisoners give her a nickname, calling her a “Tigeress”. However, beneath her steel veneer lies a heart of gold. She sincerely cares about the prisoners and often encourages them to improve themselves so that they can earn a living upon their release from prison. Occasionally, she will also help them to resolve their personal problems. Xuemei is almost 40-years-old, but she is still single and unmarried. Despite all the efforts by friends and family to help her find a potential husband, she shows disinterest in all her suitors. Out of all the suitors, she favours Chen Kai (Yao Wen Long), a middle-aged widower with four children. Chen Kai has lost his wife in the early years of their marriage. He is sapped as he juggles between managing his career and raising four children who differ markedly in personality. Chen kai wants to be a good father to his children but unfortunately for him, they are drifting apart from him. There is little communication between them. Chen Kai’s four children oppose the idea of having a “tiger mum” stationing herself in their home. Xuemei has a stubborn streak; the more resistance she faces, the more she will forge ahead. Xuemei tells Chen Kai she aims to receive blessings from everyone around them. She begins interacting with the four children and discovers that they are beset with problems. Wanting to be a good stepmother, Xuemei makes up her mind to become part of their lives so that she can guide and educate them. In the end, will Xuemei the “tigeress” win the children’s hearts? Will they finally accept her relationship with their father?

Cast: Huang Bi Ren, Yao Wen Long, Julie Tan, Ian Fang, Aloysius Pang , Bonnie Loo, Jeffrey Xu, Jayley Woo

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2015