Touch Screen Cuisine 弹指间的料理

The World Wide Web has since established itself to be the new encyclopedia, you can search for anything under the sun by keying in a couple of words. The guide to life is therefore easily accessible with connection to the Internet. Relying on recipes online to turn oneself into a master chef is no exception. But is it really that simple? This food info-tainment programme will bring on popular food bloggers and guest artistes to cook up a storm in the studio! Both the food blogger and guest artiste will be preparing a dish based on the recipe of the former. Both will be cooking hidden from sight of each other, except the food blogger can see the guest artiste and point out his or her mistakes through a small screen. There will be food tasting of both parties’ prepared dish and the viewers shall see if the guest artiste succeeds. If the dish turns out disastrous, the food blogger will help salvage it. If the dish turns out fine, the food blogger will then lend his or her expertise to make the dish taste even better. The modified recipe will be posted online for the viewers to try out.


Host: Ben Yeo, Vivian Lai

Episodes: 12 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2016