Trapped Minds 心魔

Trapped Minds is a 4-episode psychological thriller mini-series filled with deception, broken vows, retribution, and murder. Shot in a sleek, cinematic style, the show revolves around Shi Hao Lin (Chris Lee), a married man who has grown tired of his marriage with his beautiful wife, Yan Yu Ru (Ann Kok). He decides the only way out of his marriage is through the cold-blooded murder of his wife. When she escapes the clutches of the killer Hao Lin hires, he must now scramble to tie up loose ends and wash the blood off his hands. The tension builds as Yu Ru’s ex-boyfriend, Inspector Wu Yan Hui (Andie Chen), starts scrutinising Hao Lin’s every move, getting closer and closer to learning the identity and whereabouts of the killer. A series unlike any other, Trapped Minds, is full of edge-of-seat suspense with shocking plot twists, before finally coming to a penultimate dramatic conclusion.

Cast: Andie Chen, Ann Kok, Chris Lee

Episodes: 4 x 30 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2016