Undercover Asia 亚洲机密档案

Episodic Information

Undercover Asia returns with a brand new season for the fifth year running. This multiple-award winning series continues to shine a light on some of the darkest corners of our society.

This season, we travel across the United States, South Korea, the Philippines and Bangladesh to investigate what could be the world’s biggest heist – orchestrated from North Korea. We uncover sinister forces at work keeping Malaysian fishermen hooked on drugs, and Filipino miners risking it all for gold in illegal mining sites. We dig deep into the Burmese society to understand why child bondage could be seen as acceptable, and how social media is changing all that. These are just some of the stories that uncover the hard truths in the underbelly of Asia, and you will never look at the issue in the same way again.

Awards and Accolades : 

Asian Television Awards 2016-

Best Current Affairs Programme  (Won:North Korean Slaves)

Best Current Affairs Programme ( Highly Commended : Children of the Cybersex Dens) 

Best Current Affairs Programme ( Nominee: Murder in Paradise) 

Asian Television Awards 2015- 

Best Social Awareness Programme (Nominee: Cambodia's Sexual Predators) 

New York Festivals :World’s Best Tv & Film 2015-

National/International Affairs 2015 (Silver: Freedom or Death) 

New York Festivals :World’s Best Tv & Film 2016-

Current Affairs (Nominee:Cambodia's Sexual Predators) 

Best Direction (Nominee:Cambodia's Sexual Predators) 

Docu/Info Prog: Human Concerns ( Bronze: Cambodia's Sexual Predators)

News Prog: News Doc Special (Special: Voices Under the Mango Tree)

News Prog: Best Nonfiction Series (Gold: Voices Under the Mango Tree,
Cambodia's Sexual Predators, Black Lungs ) 

Docu/Info Prog: CA (Gold: Voices Under the Mango Tree) 

Docu/Info Prog: Health/Medical Info (Silver: Black Lungs) 

Docu/Info Prog: Social Issues ( Bronze: Girls for Sale) 

Docu/Info Prog: Social Issues ( Silver: The Organ Bazaar) 

New York Festivals : World’s Best Tv & Film 2017 - 

National/International Affairs (Gold: North Korean Slaves) 

Best Investigative Report(Bronze: North Korean Slaves) 

Current Affairs (Bronze: North Korean Slaves) 

Current Affairs (Silver: Children of the Cybersex Dens) 

News Programme - Best News Documentray/Special ( Bronze: The Man in the Yellow Shirt)

Docu/Info Prog - Environment & Ecology ( Finalist: Blood Jade) 

Docu/Info Prog - Human Concerns (Silver: Kasur's Lost Children)

New York Festivals : World’s Best Tv & Film 2018 - 

News - Best Investigative Report (Silver: Drug Vigilantes)

Docu - Social Issues  ( Bronze: Mistress Busters ) 

Docu - Social Issues (Finalist:In the Name of Honour)

News - Best News Docu/Special (Bronze: In the Name of Honour )

Docu – Social Issues ( Silver:Lonely Deaths) 

The Association for International Broadcasting 2016-

International Current Affairs ( Nominee: Children of the Cybersex Den) 

Episodes: 9 x 60 mins

Languages: English

Production year: 2018