Unexpected Strangers 小心陌生人

After much effort, Wei Xiong becomes a well-known teppanyaki chef. A young girl, Luo Ling, idolizes him and decides to go after him; she even resorts to trickery to move into his house. Yu Qing is not pleased that Luo Ling has developed a cordial relationship with Wei Xiong’s father. Moreover, Wei Xiong remains aloof towards her due to his promise to compete fairly for her affections only after Guo Tian is released from prison. On the other hand, Yu Qing is also hesitant to take her relationship with Wei Xiong to the next level as she feels responsible for Guo Tian’s voluntary surrender to the authorities. The three friends are finally reunited upon Guo Tian’s release from prison. Wei Xiong, Guo Tian and Yu Qing are hunted by a mysterious person, and Yu Qing ends up getting captured. Wei Xiong and Guo Tian are forced to hurt each other in order to save her. The mysterious person eventually gives Yu Qing an ultimatum – to choose between the death of Wei Xiong or Guo Tian. 

Cast: Jeanette Aw, Elvin Ng, Zhang Zhen Huan

Episodes: 1 x 64 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2014