Vettai 5

Episodic Information

An attempt on IB5 (Intelligence Branch 5) Chief DSP Seelan's life puts him in a coma. Investigations leads to a business empire with illegal dealings. With the invisible influence of this empire seeping into the Police Force, can IB5 nail down the culprit without losing themselves in the process?


Cast: Anantha Rajaram, Dhivyah Raveen, Indra Chandran, Ashish, Saravannan Gautham, Mohamad Ibrahim, Lingam Muthusamy, Selvaganthan, Vijay Anand, Khavittra, Tinesh, U S Praveen, Umagaithri Subramaniam, Sri Dev Anand (Africa Tamizhan), Alex Kumar, Xem S Rengasamy, Saravanan Murugaya, Raymon Parsurames

Episodes: 45 x 30 mins

Languages: Tamil

Production year: 2022