Watch Out! Alexius 小心啊!谢宇航

Episodic Information


In order to return the cash that she has embezzled and lost to bad investments, Guo Li Ting borrows money from loan sharks, and ends up being in serious debt. At this point, she finds out her husband Alexius Xie Yu Hang is cheating on her with his assistant Mona, and they are even planning to kill her! So Li Ting decides to turn the game around, by working with loanshark runner Bi Jia Suo to execute a "Husband-extermination plan"...

Cast: Rebecca Lim, Zhang Yao Dong, Jeffrey Xu, Paige Chua, Joel Choo, Sheryl Ang, Chen Tian Wen, Chen Shu Cheng, Xiang Yun

Episodes: 13 x 30 minutes

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2021