What's The Big Deal?

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You’ve heard the hype, the wild claims, the grand plans of how the next big thing like 3D-printing, tech wearables, or AI will change the way we live forever…

But wait -- enter your average guy & skeptic – comedian Rishi Budhrani. He doesn’t get the hype, nor how we will actually get to this great new future. So let’s put these big claims to the test… to figure out exactly where we lie in making these things a reality.

Can we literally 3D-print a new heart to outlive a family history of heart attacks? Create plant robots to do our bidding? How about a smart ‘wearable’ that can predict diseases before you get sick? How far can we take it?

Join Rishi as he grills scientists, futurists, engineers, programmers, and drills beyond the headlines to find out what it’d take to make these promises real. But he also explores the ethics and politics that could shape how these technologies will fit into our lives.

Host: Rishi Budhrani


Episodes: 5 x 30 minutes

Languages: English

Production year: 2023