While We Are Young Z 时代

Episodic Information

Yang Xiao Shuai (Zong Zi Jie) and Tang Yi Jie (Calvert Tay) come from two totally different backgrounds; one is a troubled youth trying to turn over a new leaf, the other is a student who excels in school and come from a well-to-do family. Their path crosses when they fall in love with the same girl. Yi Jie’s mother Fang Ting (Zoe Tay) and sister-in-law Zhong Ai (Rebecca Lim) are teachers in his school. They are constantly at odds with each other both at school and at home over teaching methods and domestic matters. But when Fang Ting helped Zhong Ai pulled her husband Yi Wei (Zhang Zhen Huan) back from the brink of an extramarital affair, Zhong Ai finally put their differences aside as they work together to guide their students help them overcome their problems.

Cast: Zoe Tay, Rebecca Lim, Zhang Zhen Huan, Terence Cao 

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins 

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2017