Yes We Can! 我们一定行

After resigning from his fourth job, Liu Jun Wei (Romeo Tan) decides to set up his own company ‘Can-do’, where he helps people kick-start their own businesses. However, his girlfriend, Zhu Si Yi (Sora Ma) cannot tolerate his idealistic venture and decides to break up with him. Shortly after that, his first customer Zhang Bai Da is inspired by Jun Wei’s attitude but dies in a tragic accident. Seeking to fulfill her father’s wish, Bai Da’s daughter, Xue Qin (Rebecca Lim) continually pesters Jun Wei to help her become a successful entrepreneur but her timid personality prevents her from doing what he wants. At the same time, Li Yi (Xu Bin), a dentist approaches Jun Wei with plans to open a ‘Elderly Services Centre’ but the plan turns out to be a flop due to a lack of effort from Jun Wei. Eventually, the three of them form the ‘Can-do’ trio and in the process of running the ‘Elderly Services Centre’, they discover the dying traditional trades of their occupants and decide to give them a helping hand. But Jun Wei decides to breathe a new lease of life into shoe manufacturing by combining kasut manek and leather shoes, will he succeed?


Cast: Romeo Tan, Rebecca Lim, Chen Li Ping, Chen Han Wei, Sora Ma, Xu Bin

Episodes: 20 x 60 mins

Languages: Chinese

Production year: 2014